We partner with individuals and organizations to create the conditions that bring their “best” and “most productive” self to life. By the end of our work together, you will have the mindsets, strategies, and tools to confidently solve your own problems.


We believe our “best” and “most productive” self comes alive when we embrace our most authentic version of self, unleash our talents, know how to exercise adaptive leadership in a complex world, and act on that power with a sense of social responsibility. To achieve this, we divide our core services across four core areas: coaching, developing adaptive leaders, cultivating empathy-based change, and advancing social justice strategies.


Are you feeling like there is more that you can get out of life? Do you recognize that you have some mindsets that keep you stuck from reaching your full potential? Are you trying to develop a game plan for the “constructive” feedback from your last evaluation? By overturning unhealthy mindsets, fears, and behaviors, releasing your strengths, and integrating specific strategies for YOUR personal success, we get you unstuck. Let’s unleash the most authentic and productive version of self.

Developing Adaptive Leaders

Exercising leadership in today’s world requires a unique skillset. Have you found yourself caught up in office politics, unsure how to have difficult conversations with colleagues, or challenged with managing your team? Develop the inner mastery and outer strategies that teach you hands-on tools on how to navigate the complexities of work and life while operating at maximum performance. Relieve yourself of the pressure and get the tools.

Cultivating Empathy-Based Change

Nobody likes change. Period. However, change is inevitable. Our dislike for change, builds up a natural resistance to change. This resistance causes organizations and people to experience dysfunction, decreased performance, and stuck with a half-implemented plan. You need an X-ray to get underneath what “really” has you stuck, a root-cause analysis, and an actionable plan that withstands the many resistors to change. Try our empathy-based approach and experience the results talked about by our partners.

Social Justice Strategies

The longer you live, the more you realize the difficulty with creating a more socially just world. Have you ever tried to lead a new diversity initiative and it got derailed? Were you recently surprised by survey results that revealed bias was present in your department? Uncovering the hidden biases that block well-meaning people from showing up as advocates for inclusion plagues every activist and workplace. Achieving success requires expanding your capacity, a toolkit for assessing the politics of change and proven leadership strategies for accomplishing your goals. Get the tools.

What our partners are saying? Annice’s value can be seen in her ability to transform a group of leaders towards achieving positive and impactful change. Achieving change in a complex environment is, at times, a daunting undertaking, but Annice navigates the process by guiding decision making, educating leaders in critical developmental areas, demonstrating and implementing the change, and providing assessment tools to measure success.
Partner, UNC Chapel Hill 

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