We are called Developing Capacity for a reason—we partner with people to use their inner power to expand their capacity and reach their full potential. We coach individuals and teams to turn inward and unleash their inner power as a tool to accomplish their goals. What is inner power? The ability to continuously release the sabotaging effects of fear and doubt, use trust and love to guide our mindsets and behaviors, resulting in the freedom to unapologetically own and use our gifts across diverse contexts. DCC offers a suite of services that blends social justice, adaptive leadership, and adult development to reveal the authentic leader within and help teams thrive. By the end of our work together, you will have the mindsets, strategies, and tools to break barriers, maximize performance, and build a legacy!

Coaching Options

Whether you need life coaching to determine your next path, leadership coaching to enhance your career, or social justice coaching to improve your effectiveness with leading social change, our coaching options are tailored to meet your needs.

Life Coaching

Get Clear and Make Moves

Need help removing the clutter to get to the “heart” of what is important to you? It’s time to Invest in YOU like you invest in everyone else. This 3-month journey cuts through the noise, equips you with the skills for long-term success, and gets you back on track. Let’s unleash the most authentic and productive version of you.


Adaptive Leadership Coaching

Exercising leadership in today’s world requires a unique skillset

Have you found yourself caught up in office politics and unsure of how to deal with it? Do you need your staff to exercise adaptive leadership? Develop the inner mastery and outer strategies that teach you hands-on tools on how to navigate the complexities of work and life while operating at maximum performance. Relieve yourself of the pressure and get the tools.

Social Justice Coaching

The longer you live, you realize that creating a socially just world is hard.

Have you ever tried to lead a new diversity initiative and it got derailed? Are you an activist tired of having “politics” blindside you? Uncovering the hidden biases that block well-meaning people from supporting inclusion efforts plagues every activist and workplace. Achieving success requires a toolkit for navigating the politics of change. Get the tools.

Here’s what our partners had to say!

“Annice’s value can be seen in her ability to transform a group of leaders towards achieving positive and impactful change. Achieving change in a complex environment is, at times, a daunting undertaking, but Annice navigates the process by guiding decision making, educating leaders in critical developmental areas, demonstrating and implementing the change, and providing assessment tools to measure success.”
 – Partner, UNC Chapel Hill