We can tailor any of the items below or create a custom package to meet your individual or team needs.

For individuals, we offer:
One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching
One-on-One Immunity-to-Change Coaching
Leadership Coaching Pods

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For teams and organizations, we offer:

Adaptive Leadership Development 
Adaptive Leadership 101 & Adaptive Leadership 201
Leading on the Line: The Toolkit for Adaptive Leadership
Self as a System: Identity, Anchors, & Sanctuaries for Self-Care
Customized Leadership Development Programs for Staff

Untitled design (4)1/2 day to 3-day Organization Retreats 
Exercising Leadership and Managing Others
Developing a Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan
SWOT Analysis & Collaborative Team Problem-Solving
Leveraging  Individual and Team Strengths
Customized topics to meet your teams needs!


Leadership Development Workshops
5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership
Having Difficult Conversations
Collaborating & Influencing Others:  S.C.A.R.F.
Five Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment & Strategy Session
Incorporating Liberating Structures into Daily Practices

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What partners are saying about DCC? “Annice has provided large-group leadership PD sessions (over the course of multiple days) as well as one-on-one leadership coaching to our leaders. Her skills in both areas have been incredibly valuable to helping leaders grapple with sensitive issues related to organizational as well as personal issues. Her presenting and leadership style is both direct and supportive and was perfect for helping our group to confront some ongoing challenges while also making people feel comfortable with difficult concepts.”
Partner – Uncommon Schools