There are no easy answers when exercising leadership.

Personal Leadership Coaching

3 Things That Can Skyrocket Your Leadership Abilities

I’m ready to take off, all I need is my flight plan.

Have you gotten feedback on a recent evaluation that said you need to “exhibit more leadership?” Are you trying to figure out how to exercise leadership AND remain true to yourself? Join the club. Determining the “leadership sauce” for your personality requires starting from the inside-out.

Adaptive Leadership Coaching is for you:

  • If you are ready to identify your leadership strengths and get a plan for integrating them into your daily practice.
  • If you are ready to lead people through tough challenges and thrive.
  • If you are ready to identify your triggers and blindspots.
  • If you are ready to effectively lead large scale change across diverse stakeholders.

Personal Leadership Coaching Clients get:

  • A 90-day plan for your leadership growth area
  • Weekly/bi-weekly virtual coaching sessions
  • Our signature leadership assessment & toolkit customized to your life
  • Our signature Adaptive Leadership coaching guide
  • Personalized StrengthsFinder assessment & action plan
  • Unlimited email support from Dr. Fisher
  • Automatic enrollment into our Daily Mindset Affirmations

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Team Leadership Coaching

The Real Secret to Get Your Team to Exercise Leadership

As former supervisors, we know the feeling, how can I get my team to stop coming to me for everything? Anyone that supervises people knows that team performance can make or break your ability to accomplish your organization’s priorities. We also offer 1:1 coaching options for teams.

Adaptive Leadership Coaching is for your team:

  • If they need a common framework for exercising leadership.
  • If they need to learn how to manage AND lead a team.
  • If they need to learn how to collaborate and influence each other and stakeholders.
  • If they need to learn how to take initiative within their roles.

Adaptive Leadership Team Coaching Options

To best meet your team’s goals, we conduct an initial needs assessment and then design the coaching session to build out the skills to maximize your team’s performance.

Leading on the Line-Toolkit for Adaptive Leadership: this half- day coaching session provides your team with a framework of the 5 practices for exercising adaptive leadership including how to diagnose challenges, handle opposition, and remain centered during the process.
Exercising Leadership and Managing Others: this half-day coaching session distinguishes the difference between managing and leading others along with providing the essential practices of each.
Leveraging Individual and Team Strengths: this half-day coaching session uses the Strengthsfinder assessment to identify individual and team strengths, strategies to organize the work around those strengths, and building a cohesive environment that leverages everyone’s strengths.

Get Your Team Back to Exercising Leadership

Curious about our effectiveness? Here’s what our partners think!
“Annice has provided large-group leadership PD sessions (over the course of multiple days) as well as one-on-one leadership coaching to our leaders. Her skills in both areas have been incredibly valuable to helping leaders grapple with sensitive issues related to organizational as well as personal issues. Her presenting and leadership style is both direct and supportive and was perfect for helping our group to confront some ongoing challenges while also making people feel comfortable with difficult concepts.”
Partner – Uncommon Schools

A Few Nuggets on “Exercising Leadership”

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