Over the course of our careers, we have led and published developmental opportunities for individuals, teams, and organizations. We provide a selection of those learning experiences below!

Additional Workshops, Webinars, & Presentations
Developing and Maintaining Coherence & Knowing your Stakeholders

Advancing Understanding to Achieve Social and Educational Justice
Black in Higher Education: The State of the African-American Student
Navigating Bias during the Interview and Selection Process
Developing Multicultural Competence

Incorporating Service Learning and Leadership into your Course
See the Potential. Create the Movement. Be the Change

Advancing Cultural Understanding to Achieve Social Justice

The Elephant in Activism: An Open Letter. 
Supporting African American faculty, staff, and students in face of racialized political microaggressions.
Access and Completion for All: Moving students to and through the high school to college pipeline.
Transforming the Third Space. 
Transfer United: Partnership to foster Transfer Student Success.

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