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Dr. Annice E. Fisher, Founder, LinkedIn 

 Whether Annice is working with senior leaders to “get unstuck” during the change process, coordinating leadership development sessions with local non-profits, or partnering with professionals in an executive leadership coaching session, Annice loves facilitating the growth and success of individuals, teams, and organizations. Before launching Developing Capacity Consulting, she worked across the United States launching key initiatives and expansion efforts at universities, non-profits, governmental organizations, and K-12 education systems.  Annice’s over 15 years of experience  in change management, leadership development, and designing departmental cultures for equity and inclusion gives her a unique expertise on how to develop capacity for long term sustainable change.  In partnership with those Annice is working with, they learn how to exercise nuanced leadership to break barriers, maximize their performance, and build a legacy. Annice holds a B.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, M. Ed from Iowa State University, and Ed.L.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Read more 



Dr. Clarybel Peguero, Consultant, LinkedIn  

Dr. Clarybel Peguero has over 20 years in higher education administration. Clarybel earned a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University and also holds a Masters in Higher Education Administration from the University of South Carolina. In 2014, she successfully defended her dissertation entitled “The re-conceptualization of historically white fraternities and sororities; the black students experience” earning her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Communications from Northeastern University. Her areas of expertise span from organizational development and change management, individual coaching and team building, to implementation of data driven initiatives. Read more 

Harvard Graduate School of Education, August 27, 2014, Cohort 5 portraits.

Dr. Ali Imad Fadlallah, Consultant, LinkedIn

Dr. Ali Imad Fadlallah is a musician and social entrepreneur from Dearborn, MI whose work centers on equity, adult development, leadership coaching, and career and technical education. Ali began his career as a high school and middle school teacher before earning his MBA from Emory University and Doctorate in Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) from Harvard University. He has consulted organizations nationwide, including Nevada’s State Dept. of Education, Live Nation’s House of Blues Music Forward, Harlem Children’s Zone, Better World Books, Era of the Engineer, and the Georgia Innocence Project.  Read more 

MIFLINKEDINDr. Michael Figueroa, Consultant, LinkedIn 

Michael is a system-level strategist committed to transforming public education, especially for the most marginalized student populations. Micheal received a BA in Economics and Latin American Studies from UCLA and Ed.L.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In his first job after college, Michael co-directed the opening of 25 after-school programs in four public school districts. This evolved into a number of administrative roles designing and leading large-scale, K-12 initiatives including a statewide mentoring program with 16 school districts. In addition to these leadership experiences, Michael has worked as a consultant and coach for executive teams, specializing in organizational learning and continuous improvement. Read more


Author Anderson, Consultant, LinkedIn 

Author’s expertise in psychology, public policy, nonprofit management, education, diversity & inclusion, program design & implementation, entrepreneurship & innovation, and organizational leadership allow him to continue to improve the lives of people around the globe through his work with government, business, and nonprofit clients. Author brings over a decade of experience spanning every level of education, from very young children to K-12 and higher education. He has worked in developing countries and urban communities across the United States, including: New Orleans, Los Angeles (Watts & South Central), Boston (Dorchester), Miami, and others. Author has studied at a number of institutions, including Haverford College, and holds degrees from Harvard University, University of Southern California, and Northwestern University. Read moreIMG_4943 (2)

Na’taja Flood, Consultant Assistant, LinkedIn  


Na’taja M.R. Flood is an educational activist and artist from Harlem, NY committed to ensuring that communities like Harlem and its residents become self-sustainable through education and financial literacy. As a Black woman, her creative, academic, and professional work is centered around the experiences of marginalized people and ending the inequity that disables them. Na’taja has traveled the world teaching English as a second language to youth through academic and artistic approaches, in addition to studying and experiencing multiculturalism.  Read more

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