Creating a socially just world is harder than you thought

Transforming the system also involves transforming you too.

Coaching for Activists & Social Change Advocates

Real Wokeness is Real Work

Changing the system is harder than you originally thought. Are you trying to figure out why you keep getting “blindsided” by the politics? The reality is Real Wokeness is Real Work.

Coaching for Activists & Social Change Advocates is for you:

  • If you want to learn tools for navigating the politics of change with an outside-in approach to disrupt oppression at all three levels.
  • If you want to identify your personal triggers and hacks for releasing them in the moment.
  • If you want to learn how to draw a political stakeholder map and develop strategies for influencing others.
  • If you want to develop personal sanctuaries for self-care.

Activist & Social Change Coaching Clients get:

  • A 90-day plan for your activist growth area
  • Weekly/bi-weekly virtual coaching sessions
  • A triggers, blindspots, and skills gap assessment & action plan
  • Our signature Social Justice Leadership coaching guide
  • A Politics of Change stakeholder map for your issue area
  • Unlimited email support from Dr. Fisher
  • Automatic enrollment into our Daily Mindset Affirmations

Justice cannot wait, get equipped.

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Team Social Justice Coaching

Change for Social Justice Takes Strategy

Justice is served when we maximize each sphere.

Were you recently surprised by survey results that revealed bias was present in your department? Are you trying to figure out how to handle the the unconscious bias of well-meaning staff members? Get underneath the hidden biases creating the inequitable environment.

Social Justice Leadership Coaching is for your team:

  • If they need to uncover hidden bias and learn tools to overcome them.
  • If they need to expand their knowledge and awareness on the types of discrimination.
  • If they need to build their capacity to exercise socially just leadership.
  • If they need to identify their personal triggers and tools for releasing them in the moment.
Social Justice Team Coaching Options

To best meet your team’s goals, we conduct an initial needs assessment and then design the coaching session to build out the skills to maximize your team’s performance.

  • Dissecting the Isms: this half-day coaching session provides an overview of the Big 8 types of discrimination and tools for disrupting it in the workplace.
  • Equity & Adaptive Leadership Workshop: this day-long coaching session equips organizations with the adaptive leadership framework tailored to their organization’s social justice focus. The organization also creates a stakeholder analysis and strategic toolkit for building coalitions to get multiple factions to collaborate on their change initiatives.
  • Unconscious Bias Training: this is a series of 3 coaching sessions for organizations that have identified systemic issues from surveys or employee complaints. We work with organizations to 1) understand unconscious bias, 2) identify the root and 3) then lead them through a collaborative problem-solving process.

Equip your team, now.

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