Personal Leadership & Life Coaching

What our coachees are saying: “Annice was a complete pleasure to work with last year. I struggled with setting clear boundaries to the point where I had no time for myself. It was incredible how in 4-6 months how much more aware I was of how to set boundaries and how setting boundaries was proven to be a good thing. This is something I have brought to other leaders in my organization and they have seen the benefits as well. I hope to be able to work with Annice again soon with a new goal!”

Becoming the Best You


1:1 Life Coaching: Unleash the best you by tapping into your true potential

1:1 Executive Coaching: Tools for senior leaders to enhance their skills

Unleash Me Session: A half-day session for those in need of a life reset

Developing Leadership Skills

femalelionleadquote1:1 Leadership Coaching: Tools to enhance your adaptive leadership skills

Leadership Coaching Pods (coaching sessions in small groups)

Services for Teams and Organizations

Embracing  Change

ChangeDCC1:1 Immunity-to-Change Coaching:

 Learn how to effectively address internal barriers that stifle self-improvement

Services for Teams and Organizations

Advancing Social Justice

SJforDCCInterrupting My Bias: One-on-One Coaching to a overturn biased mindset

Services for Teams and Organizations 

Unleashing You Social Media Campaign

Our social media campaign is dedicated to sharing the language, tools, and strategies for you to live in the highest and most honorable version of self. Since seven is the number of completion and spiritual perfection, we focus each day of the week on an area of healing and empowerment to help us be the change we wish to see. Join us on the journey! Click here to follow the campaign!


Ready to Unleash the Highest and Most Honorable Version of You? Let us partner with you on this journey!